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Why Should You Purchase 50 Likes on Instagram and Who Usually Buys Them?

As the most cheap option for instant engagement, buying 50 real Instagram likes offers an instant boost to your Insta account for a negligible amount of money! Real IG engagement is difficult to grow, especially for new accounts, so the best place to find popularity is with our service. Instant like services work fast and are purchased by

  • influencers,
  • celebrities,
  • smaller businesses,
  • personalities looking for an account boost.

Even businesses operate with our packages! New accounts don’t need much, and even a small boost of 50 hearts can go a long way. If you want to get your presence out there, buying IG likes is the best way.

What Is the Way Paying for 50 Hearts Work?

Simply by visiting king-likes.com, you can immediately start the process when you select the 50 hearts package. Within moments, and with a minimum amount of information (Instagram account URL and email), you will be able to pay for the engagement that the IG photo algorithm loves! Depending on package, this can take a few days, but with 50 likes, you should expect complete delivery within hours. These hearts are completely real, from unique accounts, and online package purchase can be made from any country including the USA, UK, Australia, and many more.

Why Should You Choose Us to Buy 50 Instagram Likes From?

Not only does king-likes.com offer refunds and post purchase guarantees, we provide the fastest delivery online through our easy-to-use website. Our active likers are all high quality IG users that will engage for multiple photos, pictures, and other content you select when you order your package. Our paid services spread engagement naturally and ensure an increase in visibility for your account. Our prices and timeliness can’t ever be beat, so coming to us first is a no-brainer!

How Safe Is It to Pay for Engagement from Us?

Since we do not take any personal information, nor do we ask for complex procedures or give confusing communication, we are easily the safest site to buy 50 likes on Instagram from. The pictures you choose for our services are ensured with safe, secure payments, and all hearts given are from real accounts – meaning your IG account will never be compromised. Instagram doesn’t know the difference between real and purchased accounts and will never be able to notice that you purchased our services. Unlike other websites, we offer our services without needing any personal information whatsoever, ensuring privacy and security.

How Do You Buy 50 IG Hearts?

Purchasing 50 likes for Instagram with us is actually extremely simple and not at all time-consuming. Here are the steps involved when you wonder how to buy hearts:

  1. Select the package that works best for you. For the 50 likes package, select the fast and cheap 50 solution.
  2. Enter your email and the link to your Insta profile.
  3. Select the posts you want engaged with – you can spread them however you want!
  4. Enter payment info.
  5. Check your mailbox for confirmation email and approximate delivery time. For the 50 package, it should only take a few hours.

How Much is it to Get 50 Likes on Instagram?

As the best package on the market for IG hearts currently, our package costs just XXX. That’s about the price of a chocolate bar! There is nothing out on the market that is a better value, especially for accounts that are just beginning and need some instant engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any guarantee that 50 hearts won’t disappear from my profile?

Since we offer a 30-day guarantee on every purchase, we can say that in the likelihood any like disappears, we can have it instantly replaced. You always get what you pay for with us!

Is it possible to buy 50 likes on other people’s Instagram?

Of course! If you want to pay for someone else’s content, simply put their URL in the order box instead of your own, select the posts you want engaged with, and give them a great gift!

Can I order the package of 50 IG hearts on different accounts?

You can order as many 50 packages as you want, for as many different accounts as you want. Each package bought will apply to one account.

Should I provide any personal details when I buy likes?

Other than the IG URL you give us to initiate the process, there is nothing else we need from you! This is one way we can ensure safety and security.

Will Instagram and my subscribers notice that I bought hearts?

Since our likes are all from established, verified accounts, there is no way to tell if you have bought likes or not.

It was my first trial here, so I chose the smallest package available on the site. I got my likes the same day. My channel is small for now, so I was able to identify them

Lynne Pope, ★★★★★

I had questions regarding the distribution and delivery of likes and I wrote to the support that you can find on the site. They were quick to answer and helpful with all my questions. I ordered 50 likes the same day.

Ernest Lyons, ★★★★★

I bought 50 likes and everything was delivered on time, but what I didn’t like on the site is the contact form. When you have a quick question you avoid writing mails and then waiting for the answer for hours or days if you ever receive any. Why not introduce a chat? It would be much quickier and easier.

Allison Hampton, ★★★★★

The site is really cheap for the likes. Even when I bought the biggest package, I paid less then what I spend in a grocery. But what I miss here is the mixed package for both likes and other services, for example followers or views, because anyway in most cases you promote different metrics to make your account look organic.

Mel Higgins, ★★★★★
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