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Who Would Buy 500 Likes on Instagram and what for?

This is the biggest variable for visibility on Instagram. The IG like is the factor that determines how people can engage with your content and what exactly they see. Likes for Instagram are the most important factor for any new business, artist, or celebrity to gain traction and expand their reach as much as possible. Pictures need engagement to spread and likers need to like your content for that to happen! When you purchase 500 more hearts online with our cheap, high quality website, you are kick starting your brand and getting a huge leg up on the competition.

How Does it Work When You Buy 500 Instagram Likes?

All you have to do to start is visit our site to begin the process! We make anyone wondering how to buy Insta hearts understand the process completely. All you need is a few clicks and in an instant you can pay for as many of them as you want. From there, your Instagram photos will begin to see immediate engagement as the paid hearts roll in from active accounts. Delivery begins in an instant! We also operate worldwide, from the USA, UK, Australia, to Canada and beyond. These hearts can turn any amateur business into an influencer’s dream!

Why Should You Buy 500 Instagram Hearts with King-likes.com?

One of the biggest reasons we are the best place to buy hearts is that we do not store any sensitive information about your identity whatsoever and we offer a very strong 30-day guarantee that you receive exactly what you pay for! For all the likes you purchase, we will make sure we deliver without any issue. Our service is without peer and we have been operating successfully for years now!

Is it Safe to Buy 500 Real Instagram Likes with Us?

Since we neither store nor ask for personal information, there is absolutely no chance you will ever be identified or taken advantage of. Other companies require you to provide intimate details on your life in order to access their services. We do not! Not only that, we operate completely within the guidelines of Instagram so your account will never be compromised for any purchase you make with us. Just keep making posts and let us handle the rest! IG does not look into real accounts giving real likes, so they will never even be able to tell that you received a bump for your posts.

What Are the Steps to Get 500 Likes on Instagram Fast?

Buying hearts on Instagram is easier than you might imagine! From beginning to end you are only looking at a few minutes of time before your posts start getting engagement. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Click on the 500 hearts package.
  2. Give us your email so we can contact you and the IG URL you want to buy likes for.
  3. Select any posts you want to see engagement for.
  4. Select your choice of payment options.
  5. Check your email for confirmation and delivery time! For 500 units package, you are looking at less than a day.

How Much Do 500 Hearts Cost?

All of our packages have an aggressive cost to beat out all the competition. We offer the best rates of any site anywhere and 500 IG likes only cost XXX for a huge boost to your Instagram account. Many businesses and influencers start with packages like these because they add a definite boost to their presence!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will anyone know that I bought likes?

Since we don’t take your personal information and since the likes we provide are all from unique, active IG accounts, there’s no real way for anyone to tell that you bought them. Rest easy!

What is your guarantee Hearts won’t disappear?

One of the biggest ways we can ensure the hearts won’t go away is with our 30-day guarantee for each post that you have purchased packages for. Contact us at any time if there is an issue and we will take care of it!

Can I order packages for other IG accounts?

Of course! In fact, this is a great way to give someone a gift online – get them a little more influence for their network! Simply give us the URL of the Instagram account you want to order for and we’ll handle the rest.

Will I get banned for this?

Absolutely not! Nothing we do goes against Instagram policy and we work within the rules as written, ensuring a safe transfer of our services to you.

I bought on this site 500 likes package after I already bought the same on another site (that strangely don’t exist today anymore). Everything was delivered on time as indicated on the site. Quite quick and cheap, I would recommend!

Will Owens, ★★★★★

The package was ok, as expected but I had some issues during purchasing. My credit card didn’t work and I did’t have any rejections or blocks on my side. So be attentive with the credit cards here. My debit one worked well though.

Cary Barber, ★★★★★

For only $6 I got quite a good activity on my account. I’m not a multumillion blogger or any influencer, that’s why 500 likes were rather noticeable on my account. But they really helped with my marketing strategy, so thank you!

Tamara Lane, ★★★★★
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